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Sapir Engineering was founded as a natural continuation of the technical project plan of Sapir S.p.A. It has been operating in the field of project planning for public and private companies in the Port of Ravenna since 1957.

Thanks to an undisputed team of highly qualified and diversified professionals, Sapir Engineering is offering at present integrated technical services, developing high level technical-functional projects to meet the most complex demands of clients conceptual preliminary design up to the final.

General Manager and Technical Manager
Ing. Leonello Sciacca


Sapir Engineering develops projects for public and private works mainly for industrial and commercial purpose.
The following projects in different phases are briefly listed below:


  • Preliminary draft for obtaining licenses;
  • Architectural design and structural implementation;
  • Feasibility studies through modeling, 3D animation and rendering;
  • Project and analysis of the energy services of buildings D.lgs. 311/06;
  • Design requirements passive acoustic DPCM 5/12/97;
  • Study forecast climate and / or noise impact L.447/95 industrial and civil settlements;
  • Develop surveys estimated;
  • Fire prevention projects;
  • Environmental impact assessment;
  • Urban planning;
  • Studies and implementation projects for water, sewerage, urbanization, and / or urban sectors;


In the field of the Port Engineering the company is proud to offer, besides the use of reliable calculating coding system tested at European level, an extensive experience in the study of commercial, industrial and tourist ports through:


  • Bathymetric surveys;
  • Marine meteorological / climatic analysis;
  • Planning and design of interventions to defend the coast with methodologies of the nourishment, project of emerged or submerged barriers;
  • Hydraulic Modeling of wave motions and coastal currents;
  • Design of new berthing quays, jetties, reefs;
  • Consolidation and adjustment of existing port facilities (piers, docks, etc.) suitable for new sea beds and / or new seismic regulations.

Accounting and management

Thanks to its specific experience of many years, Sapir Engineering offers full services in the field work of the management of infrastructure projects, industrial and construction, etc. This service includes also the accounting of construction sites according to the existing laws that regulates the execution of public works. The services offered will fully ensure the clients both technical and economic grounds.

Management of construction sites

Sapir Engineering has a staff of qualified technicians in accordance to the existing laws (L.81/08) to acquit the role of coordinator for safety during the planning and implementation phase and also experts in structural and civil engineering, particularly in the field of nautical projects.
These services are made possible through the following:

  • Safety Coordinator during the planning phase;
  • Drafting of the Safety Plan and Coordination and drafting of Technical dossier;
  • Safety coordination during the execution phase.


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